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Financial Planning

Everyone needs to save for a rainy day. Once you have saved enough to take care of emergencies, you should start thinking about investing and to make your money grow.

Financial Planning is not some esoteric concept. It is for everybody who has financial goals to achieve or financial challenges to meet.  In fact a lot of rich families believe that they do not need financial planning as they have enough wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth and the countless examples of bankrupt celebrities, industrialists, and sportspersons are enough proof that if not managed well, “Any Income or amount of money can be spent or blown up.”

How Financial Planning Can Help You?

  • Set realistic financial and personal goals
  • Assess your current financial health by examining your assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan
  • Develop a realistic, comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals by addressing financial weaknesses and building on financial strengths
  • Stay on track to meet changing goals…changing personal circumstances…changing stages of your life…changing products, markets and tax laws

Consequences of Not Planning include the following :

  • Inadequate Protection against personal catastrophes such as death, accident, serious illness or other major negative events
  • Too little money set aside for retirement
  • Not reaching Financial goals in life
  • Reduction in post tax returns

At Money Multiplier, we help you plan your expenditures for:

  • Retirement
  • Children’s future
  • Vacation
  • Marriage and
  • Taxation

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Need for Financial Planning

Financial planning offers a coordinated and comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your personal and reasonable financial goals. Building, managing and preserving wealth is not an easy task.

Maybe you have recently retired and are concerned about outliving your nest egg. Perhaps you are a baby boomer trying to plan for a secure retirement.

Maybe you are recently widowed or divorced with all of the complications that these life challenges bring.

Maybe you have accumulated substantial wealth and want to protect your assets from lawsuits, spendthrift relatives, divorce or other potential threats not only to yourself but also to your heirs.

Selecting appropriate investments is simply one ingredient in the recipe for an effective financial plan that should also include retirement and estate planning.

All of us in some way are involved in some kind of planning relating to our finances. It could be tax planning, retirement planning, planning our cash flows etc. These all and much more constitute Financial planning. 

One may ask “Why do I need financial planning?” There are a number of reasons which make financial planning almost indispensable.

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How We Do Financial Planning

When it comes to Financial Planning, we believe in playing to our strengths. Attaining financial success is only possible through a disciplined and systematic way. Our clearly defined pathway can help you identify your financial goals, allocate your investments and manage your finances in a more efficient way. Here is why every footstep counts.

Step 1
One of the most decisive steps in the entire process is our initial discussions with you. During this meeting we look forward to gather as much data as is necessary for us to be able to provide you with a smart investment solution. This is made easier through our standard questionnaire.

Step 2
The next step is to act on the collected data. This may take some time as the initial draft of your financial plan will be framed based on the details provided for in the earlier discussions.

Step 3
Subsequently, the plan will be presented to you to invite your views and suggestions. At this stage, we encourage you to question all our assumptions and recommendations. Changes to the plan, if any, will be incorporated and eventually finalized.

Step 4
At this stage, we will plan and share a strategically build investment portfolio that will help you realize your financial goals. The execution is entirely handled by us thereby providing an end-to-end service.

Step 5
Last but not the least; this is an activity that will ensure a perpetual relationship between us. Reviewing your portfolio on an on-going basis will not only help us stay in touch but statistics show that a constantly monitored portfolio helps the portfolio increase the returns almost threefold.

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